Why I Gave Up (And Decided to Cosleep)

My husband “checking on the baby.”
I told myself that as a mother, I was going to do everything right. I would breastfeed (check). I would go to mommy and me yoga (soon!) And I would not let the baby get used to sleeping in our bed.

That resolution was tested the first night and every night of her existence so far, as I found out how easy it is to fall asleep with a happily nursing baby in your arms. The hospital and the Internet had supplied me with plenty of information on SIDS and all the well-intentioned advice on what I should do—have the baby sleep near you but not with you. What no one ever explained to me was how you get a tiny baby that’s only ever known your body to fall asleep anywhere else.  Continue reading

Breastfeeding is a Bitch

Photo courtesy of Mommyish.com.
Photo courtesy of Mommyish.com.

It wasn’t long into my second trimester that people started asking me, “Are you planning to breastfeed?” I gave them the learned and practiced answer of “Yes, you know, if I can.” I’ll confess now that I had no idea what I was talking about. I knew that there would be obstacles to breastfeeding, but had no idea what they actually were or whether or not they would be within my control.

I was fortunate to not have any medical or physical limitations around nursing my daughter, and it was still one of the hardest things that I’d ever had to do. Even without complications, breastfeeding was a bitch.

I’ll never forget the first night home from the hospital. Continue reading