Well Rounded NY Presents “Tips By Trimester”

Standing room only at Seraphine Maternity Soho.
Last week, Well Rounded NY, a lifestyle site dedicated to helping New York City moms navigate pregnancy and parenthood, teamed up with Seraphine Maternity Soho to host “Tips By Trimester.” The pregnancy prep talk was designed to help expecting parents get familiar with the wide variety of resources and brands that are available to parents, and offer useful, immediately relevant advice in a fun and engaging way.

The luxe maternity store was packed belly-to-belly as participants took note of pregnancy nutrition, ways to stay healthy and well rested, and even heard from a doula about how to prepare for labor and that vulnerable post-partum period. Each guest left with a goody bag, stocked with coupons, samples and gifts for their soon-to-arrive little ones.

My favorite aspect of the night was the catering provided by Barley and Oats, a boutique food service specializing in postpartum meal delivery. Their vegan fare is specifically made with moms in mind, and every product is designed to help boost milk production and replenish vital nutrients. Plus, it’s just insanely delicious.

With food, goodies, and giveaways galore, “Tips By Trimester” was the best of all worlds—great advice, great company and something great to take home. If you’re expecting in NYC, Well Rounded’s advice are a must in any trimester!

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