National Breastfeeding Month Profiles: Kimmy

Photo courtesy of Kimmy and her family.

Taking on parenthood with passion and a wry sense of humor, Kimmy is the mother to an adorable fifteen-month-old boy.  She shares avidly with her online community her views about politics, breastfeeding and day-to-day life.  Kimmy has been known to spend the occasional Sunday morning dancing with her son and eating pancakes.

As of today, how long have you breastfed your child?

15 months.

Did you decide to breastfeed while you were pregnant?


Was your family supportive?


Were there challenges?  If so, how did you overcome them?

Of course there were! I just knew I was doing the best thing possible for my son so I sought help when the road got rough.

What resources did you draw upon for help?

Facebook groups and the local lactation support group in my area!

What advice would you give a nursing mother experiencing a challenge?

Go to a group! Make friends with a lactation consultant.

What’s the best thing about breastfeeding?

The bond I have with my son. It’s unbreakable and to know I nourished him for 15 months, makes me feel like a total badass!

Babydroppings is committed to supporting moms in all phases of their journey!  By sharing these profiles, we hope to make breastfeeding seem more accessible to mothers that would like to try, but are lacking support and information.  If you’d like to submit your story, click here.

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