Fighting The Flu with Maty’s (Giveaway!)


I received no compensation for this post, just the product for testing. As always, all opinions are true and 100% my own. 

One of the most stressful things about being pregnant and breastfeeding is that your list of over-the-counter remedies pretty much evaporates. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t take anything for nausea, indigestion, or headaches. I thought that was bad…until I was breastfeeding and got the flu. Not once, or even twice, but three times.

When I was younger, I used to take acetaminophen for everything, but as I grew older I became more and more sensitive to it, so that pretty much took every single flu remedy off the list for me.  Many decongestants carried side effects that I didn’t want to chance while I was nursing–as my doctor put it, “whatever dries your nose up will probably dry your milk up too.”  I suffered through it so that I’d know that I wasn’t doing anything that could put my daughter at risk. But what were my options when it came to her? If I wouldn’t even take an aspirin or drink caffeine, how could I treat her colds without loading her up with a bunch of drugs?

I wasn’t the first mom to ask this question, after all. Carolyn Harrington became obsessed with holistic healing when her daughter, Maty, was born with multiple heart defects. Her passion and desire to heal her daughter resulted in the Maty’s Healthy Products” line.

With whole foods as their main ingredient, Maty’s is safe for the entire family to use. They are gluten free, wheat free, and dairy free. Gentle and effective, with pronounce-able ingredients you could find in the grocery store, Maty’s Healthy Products are a perfect go to as we head into flu season. They’re like over-the-counter-home-remedies!

That’s why babydroppings and Maty’s are teaming up to help you stock your medicine cabinet with a full stash of Maty’s Healthy Products! Enter using the form here and comment: what’s your go-to home remedy?


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