Sleeping Through The Night: The SNOO Smart Bassinet (review)

Baby Sori is snug and well-rested!

Last week (March 2nd-March 9th) was National Sleep Awareness Week (not that we, as parents, need to be any more aware of the sleep that we are or are not getting). In honor of Sleep Awareness Week, I asked a good friend of mine, Qeyiana, who recently gave birth to her second child, if she would test out the SNOO Smart Bassinet, designed by renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, the patron saint behind the book The Happiest Baby On The Block.

The SNOO bassinet comes at a hefty price tag, but promises to be well worth the investment when you add up all the lattes you don’t have to buy to keep your eyes open. It encourages healthy bonding for your baby by making sure that they are being responded to when they cry quickly and appropriately. The end result? More sleep for everyone, a happy baby, and the start of good sleep habits when they learn that they don’t need mom to help them fall asleep.

Qeyiana and her son gave us an in-depth look at the first five nights in the SNOO:

Let me start off by saying OMG!!

I need these to come in adult size! Now, let me get to why I say that. We all know the movies where you see the babies sleeping peacefully, cooing and not caring about anything going on in the outside world. So you think. And you’re all like, “Awww, I want one!!” Then you get one of your own, and the only noise they make while asleep are the sounds of baby farts and grunts that threaten your sleep if they turn to tears. You will be lucky if they keep their eyes closed for two seconds, after you went through the trouble of trying to lay them down, quickly and gently, like a mommy ninja…

So when I got this bassinet that promised of peaceful sleep for baby, I had to see for myself what it was all about. Unpacking it was like Christmas. It has packages of three differently sized sleep sacks, a dust cover, and the necessary power cords to plug this baby up. It also has very sturdy metal legs and a wood and mesh frame that is very simple, yet chic so it can blend in with any nursery decor. I found it very easy to assemble and the instructions are pretty straight to the point. You do have to plug in the bassinet in order for it to tilt and make the sounds that promise to soothe your baby into deep and peaceful sleep, so a power outlet needs to be close by where you set it up. And because of the tilting of the bassinet mattress, you have be sure to strap your baby into the safety harness.

Like Christmas morning, but with MORE sleep.

My Sori is one month old, but he is pretty long (22 inches) so he needed to use the medium sleep sack. He is a bigger baby (already wearing size 3-6 month clothes) but fits comfortably in the bassinet. The sides are all breathable mesh, and it is easy for me to see him through the sides. Since he can’t change position due to the safety straps, I don’t have to worry about him rolling over, which makes me feel so much more comfortable. Now it’s time to put it to the test…

Night #1

So the first night I did my normal night time routine—bath, massage, breastfeed. Little man was still awake, so I figured let me put him in the SNOO and see if he gets sleepy…. needless to say, it didn’t go as I planned. You have to Velcro-strap baby in with arms straight down at their sides and zip them into the sleep sack before pushing the power button to start the rocking motion. As soon as I strapped my son in he started to cry. He did not like the feeling of being restricted. I was exhausted, so after five minutes of his crying I took him out and just put him to sleep with me (I co-sleep).

Night #2

After my failed attempt the previous night, I followed my same night time routine, but this time I waited until little man knocked out. Then I gently placed him into the SNOO, strapped him in, pushed start and let the magic flow. He stirred a little, but didn’t wake. The SNOO does make a swooshing noise. If you keep it by your bed you will hear it, but I honestly think it put me to sleep too. Four hours into the deepest sleep I have had since my son was born, I woke to hear him screaming his head off. He had woken up for a feeding to find himself strapped into his harness and lost it. I took him out, fed him, and put him down to sleep with me for the remainder of the night.

Night #3

So now that I know little man doesn’t like the harness, I am prepared for tonight. We did our same bedtime routine and once he drifted off, I once again placed him in the SNOO. Soon after I put him down, those sweet little cooing noises from the movies…. I heard them! Coming from the bassinet. I peeked over and little man was in the most peaceful, deep, mouth open sleep I have ever seen him in while sleeping in a bassinet (we were using a regular one before the SNOO. He would wake often throughout the night. He prefers to sleep in the bed with me.) It was so cute! I watched him through the mesh for a while before finally drifting off myself. Four hours later I heard little sounds coming from the bassinet. It was feeding time. Only this time, he did not wake with his normal screaming. I guess he got used to the harness. He just patiently waited for me to pick him up and feed him. He nursed, and when he fell asleep instead of leaving him to sleep with me, I put him back into the SNOO. And as he drifted back into his mouth open sleep. I did a small happy dance that I would be able to possibly sleep through the rest of the night…and I did!! Not a peep came from the bassinet until the next feeding time.

Finally…sleeping like a baby.

Night #4

Since last night was so successful, I did the exact same routine and got the same results. Could it be that my bed will be an infant free zone again??

Night #5

Tonight, I decided to take it all the way. I did our normal routine but I put little man in the SNOO before he fell asleep on his own. After he nursed, and started to get sleepy, I gently placed him in the bassinet, strapped him in and pushed start. I waited, expecting the screaming to start but to my surprise, nothing. He was just lying there trying to keep his heavy eyelids open until he finally gave in to sleep. There was nothing but the sound of him breathing, and an occasional deep breath from him for the next four hours. I woke up to his little whimpering as he woke to eat. After I fed him he went right back in. I waited, and nothing. He slept so quietly until his next feeding. Oh joyous, peaceful sleep for both of us!

The SNOO was a game changer. I got my side of the bed back (except when my toddler rolls over onto my face) but small victories should be celebrated.

So, in conclusion yes, yes, I love the SNOO—it did make for a happy baby, and a happy mama 🙂

I received no compensation for this post, just the product for testing. As always, all opinions are true and 100% my own. All photos are courtesy of M.Jones Imaging.

Shh…the happiest baby on the block sleeps here.

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