A Letter to Project Motherhood

Mom Burnout | babydroppings.com

I’m not any everything-needs-to-be-perfect mom. I’m just a strung out WAHM who is kinda drowning a little bit.

-Allison Cooper, “When Mom Burnout is Your Reality”

Allison Cooper of Project Motherhood and I have been friends for years. Our husbands, Chris and Damany, have been best friends since high school, so we’ve known each other through pregnancies, weddings, moving days, birthdays, and now into multiple anniversaries of our 29th birthdays (haha!)

Back in November, Allison sent out an article called “When Mom Burnout is Your Reality,” and it landed in my inbox at exactly the right time. I had been diagnosed with postpartum depression after my son’s birth, I was in the middle of a full-time semester at school, and I had just finished a work conference that left me discouraged, drained, and sick. Continue reading

Preparing for Leave as a Freelancer

Preparing For Leave as a Freelancer | babydroppingsIronically enough, when my husband and I first knew that we wanted to have a baby, being a freelancer seemed like the worst idea ever. After all, grown-ups had grown-up jobs, right? They had benefits and salaries and paid leave. I spent much of my adult life chasing down that perfect “big girl job,” the one that would offer enough stability for me to be able to take care of my family.

Like many people my age, however, I was surprised and dismayed to learn that, well, there wasn’t a whole hell of a lot out there for me or for anyone else. Continue reading